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choosing to be happy is
somtimes the only thing separating us from the sadness within
other times its the only reason the sadness will ever leave us be
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 4 0
what to say
how to say it
quit bailing
and just bailed
out the sinking
shadow in the
grim - waiting
- blank stare
- meek reality
- mute hysteria
everyone fears I'll feel
now the end feels it near
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 1 2
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 1 7
silence is
all i can say
worry fills me
the void bubbles
my body twitches
and i wait for the next
failure to come through
the door if i am silent then
perhaps i will be passed over
fear of change coming inevitably
fills me and it is coming i hear it in
in the hallway outside not whispering
but announcing it's arrival my fear grows
it will invalidate me until i am null and void
you laugh but it will come for you too and
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 4 5
I want your body
(but i need your mind)
(it is your mind that I
will need to keep near
I have learned that we
cannot read minds but
you seem to how can
this be that you do not)
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 2 0
going through the motions
snarl the teeth but miles
away I am not a part of the
terror my puppeteer would
instill in you with me I
am on the countryside in
a field relaxing to music
and some lemonade picnic
for later the claws scrape
and you run from fear of
reading my book an old
romance between delicate
elegance refined lightness
and a beast unfinished
the book is still I can
not read something is in
my eye
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 2 3
assailed silently yet
assignation ever an
option of the future
perhaps love or only
a kindness of word
weary and unable to
speak to pursue spoken
words die mercilessly
on the tongue slow to
think of meaning when
anxiety overcomes and
frustration flusters
communication vaguely
knows the devil is in
the details crying
the blood of anger
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 1 5
I look
deep inside
pray to find
anything I
have never
found before
a flame an
ember to
into life
maybe love
please just
a feeling to
feel and to
share to
bridge this
empty space
sweet misery
is all I find
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 3 3
at the portal to night I remember
there was an exit to a lightswitch
gone now the portal remains only
a thought away and the darkness
will flood back in fill me with
empty cold longing I was having
trouble sleeping so I bought a
new blanket it warms me the cold
longing waits without the empty
within and where is that damned
lightswitch now that I need it
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 4 8
-what to do what to do-
unsure so I rummage
ruminate on the past like
a cow
chew it over and you
will hate me for that
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 1 0
I was young once I'm sure of it
driving south through the cotton
I see it all around and remember
even the first time I crossed the
river on the ferry the other side
and it was but a few miles away
it was my second time there I
split my head on the concrete
steps up to the house while my
father told me to stop be careful
later visits I explored the property
found the chicken coop making
breakfast and dinner walked the
untilled back lot to the river just
downstream from the ferry there
was a broken fence twisted off
this was the cut bank side land
was shrinking life bleeding out
washed away deep into the muddy
current I returned years later to
the land of my father stolen by
time the fence once stretch from
road to the river has drifted now
the back lot the coop and their
farmhouse with concrete steps
gone of course time changes
its much shorter now and the
broken fence is all that remains
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 4 6
...and I wonder did I
meet her once at
some cafe or was it
a bar what was that
song playing she
gently sang it and I
thought of her lips
and the passion...
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 5 0
I only remember well
those who walked before
me I learn their lessons
that I may be remembered
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 4 2
we do not exist to serve life
life exists to serve us
this is the bribe we agree to
that we may serve life
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 0 3
darkness night envelops
singularity of form mind
and frustration within the
need to hold feel another
alike against a soul as a
self a protection cure of
empty aloneness fear of
not dying except this way
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 3 7
little things annoy us in our arrogance
teach us when we would not learn we
are but the center of our own mind not
the universe
:iconmaxnort:maxnort 4 6
this is bound to be edited a few times. oh, and I've broken the links so they don't immediately just work



the second one is a script that allows quick and easy downloading of everything in any gallery.
the first is just the list of all scripts that can be used on dA

why does dA not actively pursue making these not work? the ripping script has been around for years and survived the shutdown of other scripting sites. in other words, the internet has changed, but dA, while changing in a way to make more money, has not changed in ways to protect us.
  • Listening to: my ears ring, the voice in my head
  • Reading: coffee grinds, for a sign from God
  • Watching: nothing. just staring into space
  • Playing: the good songs on repeat
  • Eating: low carbohydrate
  • Drinking: no soda
my older sister's birthday is on the 18th. she would probably just as soon have it go away. people get that way as they get older and sleep begins to feel better than sex. we also stop being as sociable with younger generations; in fact, some of us get down right intolerant.

but we must not. even if we become so impatient with kids making the same mistakes from 20, 30, 40 years ago some of us, that we cannot bear to watch the majority of the new generation self-destruct just like we did, we must still lead until we cannot walk and then still point the direction forward. even if we only ignore problems, we must not ignore the good we see in what is new; or it may cease to be.

i have had most of my sabbatical now. while i may want a nap now and then, perhaps it is time to speak my mind a little more again.


(no. that's not some strange emoticon)
  • Listening to: my ears ring, the voice in my head
  • Reading: coffee grinds, for a sign from God
  • Watching: nothing. just staring into space
  • Playing: the good songs on repeat
  • Eating: low carbohydrate
  • Drinking: no soda
time is of the essence of gears, quartz, and clock springs
distilled and bottled with fuzzy bubbles
time is of the effervescence
like beer

nawkaman ran a poll. beer ensued.

I could "finish" this and make it boring, but I prefer it like it is
  • Listening to: my ears ring, the voice in my head
  • Reading: anything, everything
  • Watching: the world slowly destroy itself (slowly?)
  • Eating: low carbohydrate
  • Drinking: no soda


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maxwell snort
Artist | Literature
Disclaimer: I am autistic. What I create is typical of me. I do not try to be different, nor do I try to conform.

feel free to comment, and I will try to answer, but do not try what you see at home. It'll leave a mark and may stain the carpet. Your Mileage May Vary. and yes; that's a mockingbird in a bell jar. I prefer Sylvia Plath to Harper Lee.



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